"Thanks Brad! You are a TRUE ROCK STAR!! Our Vets and spouses thank you as well. We love the knowledge you bring to each and every O2O Cohort. It is amazing to actually see light bulbs lite up as you are speaking to them!"
Anthony Bush, Program Coordinator, Onward to Opportunity, Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University

"I was truly touched and entertained throughout your entire presentation!" 
Timeka Blakemore, Logistics Operations Manager at 5-306th BSB

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation as did the attendees. You were off the chain! Thank you for an awesome presentation and helping to uplift many of these displaced professionals."
Joe Johnson, Director of Business Services, Gainesville (FL) Chamber of Commerce/ FloridaWorks

"It was a GREAT workshop! The tools, techniques, and knowledge that our students received have truly set them up for future successful ventures! We look forward to more events in the future - thank you!!"
Deanna Slusher, ITT Technical Institute, Knoxville, TN

"Wow! What a presentation! Your VOWELS program really hit the mark with the WorkSource Professional Network participants!"
Patsy Partin, WorkSource, Jacksonville, FL

"Thanks again for your lively presentation at the WorkSource event. As I mentioned before, I was very agitated upon arriving at the event, but your enthusiasm helped turn my attitude around. Thank you!"
Michele Blazevic, Jacksonville, FL

"I attended the WorkSource session yesterday. Kudos for providing a powerful and inspirational message for those of us who are in career transition. The application of the VOWELS to my personal approach was eye opening!"
Michael Martin, Jacksonville, FL

"Thank you for your thought-provoking and unique presentationyou gave at the WorkSource Professional Networking meeting. Your comments were very timely for me."
Jennifer King, Jacksonville, FL

"I appreciate you presenting at the WorkSource meeting. My undergraduate degree is in theater where I studied at ACT in San Francisco and went to England for a year. So, I know a good presentation when I see it - you were great!"
Mary Marcus, Jacksonville, FL

"I really enjoyed your presentation -it was inspiring, motivating, simple but powerful! I loved it!"
Milly Eminger, Decorative Pages, Jacksonville, FL

"Thank you for the high energy and very informative presentation you gave at SMC. I plan to "THRIVE" using the great tools you presented and will definitely give you updates on my progress!"
Mary Reilly, Market Manager, Drees Homes, Jacksonville, FL

"I enjoyed listening to you speak at the West Chamber lunch. The A,E,I,O,U's can teach us all about how we need to run our business."
Rene Carter, Vice President, Family Abbey Carpet & Floor, Jacksonville, FL

"You hit the nail on the head with the traits you list in your VOWELS presentation. You also have the ability to immediately connect with your audience and keep them engaged throughout your presentation. Your energy keeps it fun and motivating!"
Stacy Cruikshank, Personal Banker, Florida Bank, Jacksonville, FL

"Awesome!! Itreally inspired me! I seem to be on such an emotional roller coaster these days. The VOWELS and your website are helping to keep me on track in my job search!"
Mary Tooley, Jacksonville, FL

"Your speech was very interesting and motivational. Last year (2009) was a great opportunity for me to develop new skills and to think about what I really want to do with my life, and it was inspiring to hear you describe it that way. Thank you!" - Lisa Blevins, Jacksonville, FL

"I thought the information was perfect and very appropriate for job seeking in our current economic situation!"
Tracy Rizzo, Director of Career Services, ITT Technical Institute

"It was so nice to meet you and I am so glad that I got to see that presentation. It was awesome! I hope we can definitely work together again. It was such a wonderful experience!"
Melissa Landoll, Community Relations Specialist, ITT Technical Institute

"You gave your terrific VOWELS presentation to the Chamber Sales staff in early January. I started applying the tenets to my life immediately, and using the VOWELS led to February being my biggest sales month ever for the Jacksonville Chamber! I can't thank you enough for bringing this information into my life!"
Tresa Calfee, Account Manager, Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce

"I liked the presentation, took notes, and will be sharing with my recruiting team in a couple of weeks. You are spot on with the traits, many of them have been listed by our CIO for what he's looking for in employees who join the organization!"
Angela Kotula, Talent Management Specialist, Unitrin Services Group

"Thank you Brad for coming to our meeting today and bringing the Vowels to Georgia! We loved having you here and I know that you made a big difference with some of the members.  Me, I'm ready to go sell every vehicle on my lot right now, I'm so pumped up! The VOWELS are awesome and I hope to see you here at the Chamber meeting soon!"
Allen Eldridge, General Manager, Bennett Suzuki, Kingsland, GA  Board Member of the Rotary Club of Kingsland

"I enjoyed your presentation - it was loaded with helpful and great ideas. It makes you think long and hard about Thriving! Thanks again for coming up to Kingsland!"
Paula Goodnow, District Director, Rotary Club of Kings Bay (visitor from a neighboring Rotary)

"Your presentation was very well put together and a great kick start to a new year. As you know, it's easy to get bogged down with all the negativity out there - it's the true sales professional that can continue to sell during the down times. Thank you for reminding us of some critical components for success."
Jill Sprowell, VP Member Relations, Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce

"Even though you shared some of this material with me a few weeks ago, I feverioushly took notes to add to what I wrote when we met before. THRIVE is a great way - to keep the focus for continued success! Loved it!"
Pam Gerrish-Nelson, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones and President of Chamber's West Council

"I found your presentation very practical and to the point. I appreciate how it builds from the basics, focuses on individual energy and clearly directs toward positive motivation. Great job!"
John Raineri, Managing Partner Sonny's BBQ Restaurants

"I thought your presentation was phenomenal! Everything really made sense to me and now it is time to be proactive and begin working on my Vowels!"
Tina Robbins, Advertising Manager, Access Magazine and Account Manager with Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you very much for your "Vowels" presentation, resume assistance, and words of encouragement. It was great meeting you, andI learned much from you and the presentation. I hope you don't mind if I contact you in the future as my job search continues. God bless you."
Joe Draude, Jacksonville, FL

"Thanks so much for forwarding me your compelling "Learn to Control Your Vowels" synopsis as well as your resume. I have to tell you, at first I was a little skeptical about what I might learn from your presentation. But within a couple of minutes, I soon realized this was very in-depth material; a great concept for professional success and personal growth. In some ways, it's similar to Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," which I am currently studying and applying.
Robert Kaye, Jacksonville, FL

"Thank you for your excellent presentation! It was very generous of you to share your knowledge and experience and to offer to share your resume and presentation recap with the attendees. I have never seen that done before in any setting like the Fall Career Expo, and I appreciate your thoughts and your actions more than you know."
Diane Whittington, Orlando, FL

I checked out your website and the content is clear, purpose driven, and gives the message of hope in the present moment! It reminds me of Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of the Now" - his message parallels and reinforces yours. I thoroughly enjoyed your inspiring presentation as well."
Darice Nosse, Account Representative, Everest University