• Want to find a new way to fully engage and motivate your sales team?
  • Want to take your management staff to the next level in their leadership & team building skills?
  • Want to set a clear course for your best sales year ever?

Brad Raney Brad Raney

Brad Raney has almost 30 years of highly successful sales and sales management experience. He combines that knowledge with over 25 years of live performance experience on radio, TV, and stage events. Together this formula creates meticulously crafted keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars that are motivating, highly energetic, incredibly fun, and that produce tangible results!

Here are a few examples of keynote, workshop, and seminar topics that are right on point for your sales, leadership or management team:

Next Generation Leadership: STRIVE to Connect!
Keynote runs 60-75 minutes; workshop 2-4 hours as needed.

Brad’s most recent topic addition is now one of his most highly requested sessions! Using the STRIVE acronym (Study, Think, Recognize, Invest, Value, Envision) created by Brad in his new book Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success! this keynote or workshop focuses on ways to  overcome connection challenges with team members or staff to create a positive and thriving leadership environment. Topics include:

  • What is true leadership?
  • Dealing with leadership challenges – age/gender, knowledge gaps, communication styles, more
  • Intro to the STRIVE concept and how it relates to leadership acumen
  • Incorporating a new type of SWOT using the STRIVE methodology
  • The workshop contains several interactive elements; the keynote has two interactive elements
This keynote or workshop is ideal for persons in corporate sales, entrepreneurs, managers and leaders at all levels.

SWOT 2.0: The Ultimate Analysis and Action Plan Tool!
Workshop 4-8 hours as needed.

Your company may have done a SWOT exercise in the past (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) but you’ve never done one like this before! Brad’s full day SWOT analysis is the ultimate tool to help you define each SWOT area and then develop Action Steps based on the results using the SMART Goal methodology as a guide (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Sensitive). Previous attendees of this workshop have called it “the most important day in the future growth of our company”, “a truly revealing, shocking but uplifting look at ourselves”, and even “an incredible session – we’ll do it every year to make sure we are on track!” The full day workshop schedule usually looks like this:

  • Strengths – 90 minutes – then 10 minute break
  • Weaknesses – 90 minutes – then 30-45 minute break for lunch
  • Opportunities – 90 minutes – then 10 minute break
  • Threats – 90 minutes – then 15 minute break
  • Action Plan Decisions with SMART Goals – 30-60 minutes
  • Final Q&A

This workshop is perfect for any size business and yields an action plan that can be put to immediate use in setting your company’s path for success.

Reach YOUR Peak!
Keynote runs 60-75 minutes; workshop or seminar 2-4 hours as needed.

Brad’s most popular program is a smashing success and is designed to give participants the tools and roadmap to their best year ever in sales, management or leadership roles. Topics include:

  • Understanding the VOWELS importance in Sales, Management, and Leadership
  • SWOT training
  • Utilizing the Tools For Success (personal branding, time management, qualifying prospects, more)
  • Creating a Business Plan (Mission/Vision Statements, SMART goals, more)

This keynote is ideal for persons in direct sales, corporate sales, entrepreneurs, manager and leaders at all levels.

Click here to reserve your copy of Brad's latest book:
Reach Your Peak! Become CEO of Your Success!

Lead, Follow AND Get Out of the Way!
Keynote runs 60-75 minutes; workshop runs 2 hours as needed

This program encapsulates Brad’s sales and management philosophies and this strategy has worked beautifully in every department or company Brad has managed, coached or trained. The 3 component topics include:

  • LEAD – setting the clear course for the short and long range goals of the department or team and obtaining “buy in” from the team for achieving these goals;
  • FOLLOW – listening to and learning from the needs and observations of the team members, and responding promptly to adjust policy or modify procedures to keep efficiency and morale as high as possible at all times;
  • GET OUT OF THE WAY – hiring true professionals first, creating the environment described above (LEAD & FOLLOW), then allowing them run full speed as unencumbered by managerial interference as possible.

This topic is perfect for sales managers and leaders at all levels of an organization.

Advanced Time Management Strategies!
Keynote runs 60-75 minutes. Workshop runs 2-3 hours as needed

Time management is a myth but activity management is a reality! In this session, attendees are given new tools to better plan their days, weeks and months more effectively and efficiently. Topics include: Top 3 Time Management Goals; How Most People Spend Their Time; the Golden Productivity Hours; Time Management Must Haves and Tools; Eliminating Time Wasters; and much more.

This topic is spot on for those in sales, management, entrepreneurial roles, and leadership at all levels.

Advanced Networking Strategies
Keynote runs 60-75 minutes. Workshop runs 2-3 hours as needed

Learn when, where and how to network effectively; "Ultimate" Networking and how to use it; 29 Things to do Before, During and After a Networking Event or Career Expo, and more.

This topic is perfect for anyone in sales, marketing, entrepreneurial roles or looking to make a career change.

Are They Hearing What You Said - or Something Completely Different?
Keynote runs 60-75 minutes. Workshop runs 2-3 hours as needed

Having trouble getting the right message across to your team, sales persons or clients? The problem is not theirs - it's yours! This topic deals with the many ways we communicate - accurately and inaccurately - and the workshop version includes two interactive elements: a table exercise about voice inflection called "Really? REALLY?!" and a volunteer based activity called the "Alien Press Conference" - a hilarious take on verbal vs. non verbal cues. Other topics include Tone is Everything, 7 Stages of Communication, Challenges of Communication, Listening to Understand Not Just Respond, and more.

This topic is perfect for anyone in sales, management, entrepreneurial roles or looking to drastically improve their communication skill set.

Brad has over 40 topics that can be customized for your group. These are only a sample of the most popular ones. Others include: COMMIT: The Ultimate Client Needs Analysis, Effective Elevator Pitch Creation and Delivery, Setting and Keeping Great Goals (or resolutions), and more.

Here are some of the Sales & Management Training clients who have contracted Brad for keynotes, workshops and/or seminars:

  • ADT Security New Hire Training Team
  • ADT Security Management Team Retreat
  • Action News Sales Teams (Jacksonville)
  • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce West Council
  • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Beaches Division Business Growth Series
  • Oceanside Rotary Club (Jacksonville)
  • Farragut Rotary Club (Farragut, TN)
  • Rotary Club of Kingsland, GA
  • Renda Broadcasting Sales Teams (Jacksonville)
  • Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach FL
  • Buzz Magazine Staff (Jacksonville)
  • Keiser University Financial Aid Team (Jacksonville)
  • Keiser University, entire Faculty and Staff (Jacksonville)
  • New Age Media Sales and Management Staff (Chattanooga, TN)
  • University of Chicago Physicians Group
  • Gator Business Administrator Services, University of Florida (Gainesville)
  • Rotary Club of Coastal Saint Johns County
  • Fernandina Beach Rotary Club
  • Rotary Club of Palm Coast
  • Rotary Club of Arlington
  • Rotary Club of Mandarin
  • Rotary Club of West Jacksonville
  • Fernandina Beach Optimist Club
  • Gainesville Regional Utilities
  • Waterstone Mortgage
  • The H.I.L.L. Leadership Series
  • Association for Talent Development Annual Meeting (twice)
  • Hardy Administrative Professionals Conference (twice)
  • Meeting Planners International NE Florida
  • International Institute of Business Analysts-NE Florida, Leadership Series 

"Brad delivered WORLD CLASS Leadership training for our members! We were very lucky to have him kick off our year long leadership series."
Ken Perry, President, International Institute of Business Analysts-NE Florida

"Brad Raney's presentation was spot on for my team! I have never had so many individuals come to me after a presentation to thank me for the opportunity and agree with the message. What I enjoy about Brad's message is personal accountability. I have had the privilege to attend other events of Mr. Raney and never get tired of hearing the message. I would recommend him highly for any team, large or small."
Lisamarie Winslow, Campus President, Keiser University, Jacksonville, FL

"Another great presentation last night! Thank you for your advice and feedback. You ROCK!"
Diana Chacko, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Keiser University, Jacksonville, FL

"Brad presented his VOWELS tenets and SMART goals to ImpactJAX and it was a packed room! I came away with strategy and tools to use toward my 2012 goals. He's personable, humble, and highly engaging - a great way to spend your time! Thanks, Brad!"
Meredith Wikstrom, Continuing Medical Education Coordinator, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

"Brad presents his workshops and seminars with passion and each one is so riveting that you are on the edge of your seat every time! He is in high demand as a guest speaker and trainer and it was an honor to have him at our event!"
Adrienne Fennell, CEO FreedomGuide Consulting, Inc

"Thank you for presenting your VOWELS concept to our membership! Your message flowed smoothly and you engaged our members immediately - it was great! I will continue to keep an eye out for you as you emerge as a premier speaker not just in Florida, but around the country!"
Mark Carlson, President Carlson Capital Advisors, Vice President of NE Florida Builders Association, Sales & Marketing Council