Brad Raney Brad Raney

Are you conflicted about your career path and future? Frustrated that you can't get your team to reach their full potential? Do you feel like you're lost at sea when trying to run your small business? Wouldn't it be great to be able to set a course for success and know that you're making the right decisions to make it happen?

You need a specific plan, great tools, and someone who has been up the mountain before to help you reach the top. In Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success!, author Brad Raney helps you define your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and shows you that no matter what stage of your life or career you are in, you can and should take charge of it like a CEO.


Brad Raney Brad Raney

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Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success! in an E-book format for Kindle and other electronic book readers.

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Improve Your VOWELS VVV

The book is based on the highly successful keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars that the VOWELS concept launched in 2009. In this VOWELS edition, Brad has captured the best of these lectures and interactive discussions. The book helps the reader clearly define where they currently are in their life and work. Then, the VOWELS help excavate the deepest passions, and provides a compass to chart the course toward the reader's perfect job!

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Brad Raney Brad Raney

Improve Your VOWELS, Improve Your Career
LIVE Performance!
(90 Minute DVD)

This 90 minute DVD is from a recent career expo seminar and brings the VOWELS experience to life! If you haven’t been able to see Brad LIVE, this is the next best thing!

What they're saying about "Improve Your VOWELS, Improve Your Career!":

"Your book is great! The sample letter of interest contained in it alone justifies its price. The VOWELS is a great concept and I can very much see it being used by many corporations in training, coaching, and sales. I am honored to have received a signed copy."- Pedro De Abreu, Irmo, SC

The timing of the delivery of your book couldn't have been any better. I loved it by the way - couldn't put it down! That doesn't usually happen when I pick up a book!"- Laurella Rochat, Knoxville, TN

"I just have to tell you how impressed I am with Brad. I loved the book so much I ordered one for each person in my office! When I was 18, I got a book that changed my life. I think that the VOWELS might do the same for other people." - Frank Poe, Helena, AL

"Thank you for the great information in the VOWELS - I have passed it on to my friend as well. It was very helpful and uplifting!" - Maurianne Bennett, Atlanta, GA