Empower - Inspire - Ignite

Brad Raney Brad Raney 

Created by Brad Raney in 2010, the goals of the Personal Performance Partnership, LLC are simple but challenging. By partnering with the best and brightest trainers, mentors, leaders, and entrepreneurs available, P3 is able to offer a wide variety of experience, knowledge, creativity and problem solving skills to corporations, small companies and individuals.

The singular mission of P3 is to "Empower, Inspire, and Ignite" our clients to set and achieve their true life goals. Whether it's our effective sales and management training, our unique corporate and convention speaking topics, our creative and proven job seeker services, our one on one coaching and training methods, or through our books and DVDs, P3 is a vital component of our customer's lives and ultimately in their success!


Use the resources on this site to determine if you're ready to take control of your life, your work, and your business. Do you have the courage to change and are you ready to create a plan that will get you where you want to go? P3 is the gateway to help you find what you were truly made to do - but you have to take the first step - email or call us today!