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Brad Raney has spent most of his life entertaining people. Either on radio, television, or in live events, Brad’s strong charisma, sharp wit, and likeable charm have made people laugh and think.

In 2009, Brad discovered his spiritual gifts – writing, speaking, and empowering those around him to become the best they can be. When Brad turned his gifts back over to God, amazing things began to happen. He is now the CEO of Personal Performance Partnership and his company was founded and operates upon these principles.

Brad's Latest Book!

Brad Raney Brad Raney

Are you conflicted about your career path and future? Frustrated that you can't get your team to reach their full potential? Do you feel like you're lost at sea when trying to run your small business? Wouldn't it be great to be able to set a course for success and know that you're making the right decisions to make it happen?

You need a specific plan, great tools, and someone who has been up the mountain before to help you reach the top. In Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success!, author Brad Raney helps you define your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and shows you that no matter what stage of your life or career you are in, you can and should take charge of it like a CEO.

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Brad created the VOWELS concept out of desperation to motivate his sales team. The VOWELS are: Attitude, Energy, Effort, Integrity, Intensity, Outlook, and Uniqueness

The VOWELS success has spawned a website, books, e-books, DVDs, and a speaking tour.

Now Brad’s mission is to use his gifts to help others in a variety of ways:

•    Corporate Meetings & Conventions
•    Sales & Management Training
•    Job Seeker Services
•    One on One Coaching /Mentoring
•    Emcee & Commencement Speaking

Brad Raney

Brad Raney is a proud member of the JAX Chamber.

Brad Raney

Brad Raney is a proud member of the NE Florida Association for Talent Development.