Brad Raney Brad Raney

Brad Raney is an international speaker and author, sales/leadership/management trainer, and entrepreneur. He has over 25 years of experience in sales and sales management in the broadcast industry. Brad and his wife, Dawn, are also entrepreneurs and have owned three businesses - including the Mrs. Tennessee United States Pageant, a video production company, and a boutique advertising agency.

Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Brad grew up in the television industry, the son of a famous local newscaster, Rex Raney. Brad’s father was also a prolific writer and novelist, in addition to his television “star status” in East Tennessee during the 1960-70s. Brad knew at an early age that he wanted to entertain, inform, and help change the lives of people, just like his father had done so many years ago.

Brad’s background is diverse and encompasses success on both sides of the microphone and camera. From a radio DJ to television show host, commentator, and producer, to account executive, sales manager, and small business owner, Brad has seen every side of the broadcast industry. Currently the CEO of Personal Performance Partnership, Brad conducts workshops, seminars, give keynote speeches, and works with clients one on one to help them achieve their full potential.

Brad is a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, graduate with an Honors Degree in Broadcast Management and a minor in Marketing/Consumer Behavior. He also graduated from the Center for Sales Strategy, in Tampa, FL, in their Talent Focused Management and Customer Focused Selling tracks.

Brad is actively involved with the Greater Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and served as the 2011 Chair for the Chamber's Diplomats program, the outreach and member retention arm of the Chamber. He is also a Past President of the Julington Creek Optimist Club, and active on several college advisory boards. Brad and his wife Dawn live in St. Johns, FL, with two children, a daughter Savannah and a son Dakota.

Brad Raney  Brad Raney

Brad developed the VOWELS program in 2009 and the success it brought his sales team has spurred keynote speeches, workshops, seminars, books, DVDs, and e-books. His first book “Improve Your VOWELS, Improve Your Career!” was released in 2010 and has now sold on three continents. His second book "Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success!"  was released in 2015 in regular and E-book formats and is selling fast across the country.

"Brad is dedicated to helping people improve relationships with clients and adding new clients to their business. I admire his work ethic and conviction with who he is as a person and a manager."
Pamela Gerrish-Nelson, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones and President of the Jacksonville Chamber's West Council

"Brad and I met via LinkedIn last spring (2009) and within days met in person. Through our initial meeting we both discovered a mutual interest in helping others in our community who find themselves in career transition or unemployed. Brad and I have developed a powerful business relationship through our various speaking engagements. workshops, and community affairs. I admire Brad's passion and professionalism, he is without question a leader and someone who inspires others to reach higher and do better in their life or career. I enjoy working with Brad and recommend him to any organization looking for a speaker to motivate their team. Brad can help you, or your organization, "Improve Your VOWELS" and succeed!"
Carlos Gil, Founder and CEO of JobsDirectUSA